Cousins accused of stealing cash, pot from Kennewick man

Two cousins face Nov. 14 trials for allegedly robbing a Kennewick hotel patron of his cash and medical marijuana.

Jessien Malik Perry, 21, and Jaren Michael Turner, 18, pleaded innocent in Benton County Superior Court to first-degree robbery.

Perry, a transient, also is charged with having a .22-caliber revolver during the crime.

Meanwhile, Turner's girlfriend, Kathryn Anne Wattenburger, was charged this week with first-degree robbery. Prosecutors allege that Perry and Turner arranged with her to set up the victim so they could get his pot.

Wattenburger, 20, of Burbank, was sent a summons to appear in court Oct. 5.

Wattenburger reportedly met Eric Erdman online and set up a meeting Sept. 11. The two were smoking marijuana inside a car in a Kennewick church parking lot when Erdman was robbed, according to police and court documents.

Erdman of Kennewick was staying at the nearby Best Western Hotel on West 27th Avenue after a fire at his home, documents said.

Prosecutors claim that Perry and Turner confronted Erdman in the car, with Turner punching the victim and getting into the back seat so he could put Erdman in a headlock. Perry allegedly pulled out the gun and told the victim to put his hands in the air, then grabbed his wallet, cellphone and backpack, which reportedly contained the drugs.

Then they released Erdman and told him to leave, court documents said. Erdman ran from the area and called 911.

Wattenburger was questioned by Kennewick officers and denied knowing that Perry was going to use a gun, document said.

Perry later was arrested at a Pasco motel, and Turner turned himself in to Kennewick police.

Perry is in the Benton County jail on $100,000 bail. A review hearing was set for next week.

Turner of Richland had his bail reduced to $20,000.

Kennewick man faces trial over child molestation accusation

A Kennewick man pleaded innocent to charges that he sexually assaulted a young girl, which was disclosed after a boy came forward with similar allegations.

Brian Lloyd Haisch, 18, is set for trial Nov. 7 on one count of first-degree child molestation.

He was arrested last week by Kennewick police, who began investigating the alleged sexual abuse in June after two other kids made claims against Haisch, court documents said. The incident allegedly happened in 2007.

The victim reportedly told investigators at Kids Haven, an advocacy center for child sexual abuse victims, that Haisch exposed himself, but she had difficulty talking about what else occurred and was hesitant to speak further, documents said.

Haisch allegedly told officers that he got excited by the contact.

Man pleads innocent to child molest charge

A 76-year-old man is accused of molesting a young girl over a period of seven years.

Charles Ben Slocum of West Richland pleaded innocent to first-degree child molestation. His trial is Dec. 5.

The girl recently disclosed the alleged sexual assault because "the memories of the molestation have been stressing her out," court documents said.

She told investigators that it happened numerous times over the years, and would start with Slocum having the girl sit on his lap, documents said.

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