Music program for young children, parents coming to Richland

An international educational program that has been bringing families together musically since 1987 is coming to the Tri-Cities.

"It's no secret that when children are exposed to music early in life. It inspires them to excel academically," said Diane Young of Kennewick, who soon will begin offering the Music Together program.

The goal is for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners -- and their parents -- to learn the joy of music together.

Young will present the weekly, 45-minute classes at the Academy of Children's Theatre studio, 213 Wellsian Way, in Richland.

"I am very excited to bring this program to the Tri-Cities," she said. "I discovered it about a year ago while surfing the internet."

Soon after, she signed up for a three-day training session in March in Vancouver, B.C.

"It wasn't like you could take the training and then go teach the program," she said. "It was a rigorous session, and you had to pass a test before you'd be qualified to teach it."

The 10-week course costs $150. Tuition includes two music CDs and a songbook. Young hopes once the program is established, she will be able to offer scholarships to low-income families.

Young's attachment to music comes from her youth. She learned to play the accordion as a child and exposed her three children to music.

"I'm very passionate on this subject, but the best part of Music Together is that the children, as well as the adults, don't have to be musical to benefit from the program," Young said. "It's all about singing together for 45 minutes, one day a week for 10 weeks. Music makes a different kind of human being."


Those interested in the program can go to www.musictogetheroftricities.com or call Diane Young at 460-1602.