Richland woman goes paddleboarding with dogs (w/ gallery)

Jack Russell terriers don't always take to water like retrievers.

But no one told Dot and Moose that.

"It's possible they learned to love the water from our Labrador. They grew up with him," said their owner Jolene Grimes of Richland.

Whenever she or her husband, Mike, throw a stick into the water for their yellow lab, the terriers beat him to it.

Dot, 8, and Moose, 6, have even been known to ride with their owners on a Jet Ski and take a nap on air mattresses in a swimming pool.

"Our house now doesn't have a pool, and I think they miss it more than we do," said Grimes.

So the first time she put a paddleboard in the water at Clover Island Marina in Kennewick, she wasn't surprised to be joined by two enthusiastic furry passengers.

"My husband said, 'Wow, I guess they like it,' " she said. "I think they like it as much as I do."

The paddleboard was an early birthday gift. She saw a photo of actress Jennifer Aniston using one and told her husband she would like to try it.

"We like all water sports. We've had a boat for about 30 years and I like to water ski, Jet Ski, swim, now I paddleboard," she said.

The board is about 2 1/2 feet wide, 10 feet long and flat, like a surf board. You propel yourself by standing up and paddling from side to side like a canoeist.

They're available at sporting goods stores and even Costco. They cost about $500.

"It's a great workout for your core, your upper body and legs, too, because you have to balance," she said. "It's a blast."

Grimes and her two terriers go out on the paddleboard at least once a week, usually around Clover Island. Paddleboards are made for rivers and lakes, but she prefers places without a strong current.

As she paddles along, Dot and Moose walk back and forth on the board checking out the passing scenery and anything bobbing in the water.

"When a fish jumps and they both go to the same side of the board to look, it gets a little harder to keep my balance," she said.

Dot weighs just 12 pounds but Moose, her pup, is a generous 25 pounds.

Grimes said she gets a lot of comments on her passengers and questions about the board.

She thinks women find them easier to manage than taller men.

"I think it has something do with their center of gravity because my girlfriends who've tried it didn't have as much trouble balancing," she said.