E.coli bacteria found in Basin City tap water

Basin City residents are being urged to boil their tap water after a E.coli bacteria was detected in the water.

The bacteria was found Thursday during routine water quality monitoring, said state Department of Health officials.

Five more samples were tested throughout the water distribution system and coliform bacteria was found in three of the samples, indicating that some type of contamination is getting into the water system.

Health officials are working closely with the utility to find the source of the contamination.

The Basin City Water-Sewer District water system serves about 850 people in Franklin County during the summer.

Residents are urged to boil tap water used for drinking, brushing teeth, food preparation, ice and washing dishes. Water should be brought to a rolling boil for one minute, then cooled before using.

Customers will be notified when the boil-water advisory ends. For more information or questions, call 509-531-6308.