Tri-City grandparents target of old scam

A scam where an alleged grandchild calls to ask a grandparent for money is making the rounds again.

The Tri-City Herald has received reports that several Tri-Citians have been targets of the calls this week.

Here's how it works: a senior citizen gets a call from his or her purported grandson, saying he was in a crash or involved in some other driving incident in a foreign country, has been arrested and needs money to pay fines and bail.

The grandparent is asked to rescue the grandson by wiring the money. The victim then learns his or her relative never was in the foreign country or in trouble.

The scams usually are reported after the victim sends the money, then realizes he or she was scammed.

To avoid becoming a victim of the scam, law enforcement officers advise people to take the time to ask questions if they get a call from a relative out of the blue who is asking for money and pressuring them to wire the money. Citizens should verify who they are talking to and check facts.