11 more candidates sign up for positions

Eleven candidates on the Nov. 8 general election in Benton County will be making their first appearance before voters.

The new names on the ballot are from a special candidate registration conducted this week for positions on the Prosser and Benton City councils and on the Tri-City Estates Water District.

The special registration was allowed because no one signed up for those races in time for the Aug. 16 primary, said Stuart Holmes, county elections supervisor.

The newly declared candidates are:

-- Debbie Breitenfeldt, Larry Walter, Jim Macica, Tammy McKeirnan and Scott Hamilton for Position 7 on the Prosser City Council. It is a nonpartisan, four-year term.

-- Karen Merritt, Rick Eder, Garry Griffiths and Connie Meredith for Position 4 on the Benton City Council. It is a nonpartisan, four-year term.

-- Julie Stott and Cal Rinne for Position 2 on the Tri-City Estates Water District. It is a nonpartisan, six-year term.

Holmes said a drawing by lot to be done Monday at the county courthouse in Prosser will determine the order in which candidates' names will appear on the ballot in those races.

The Nov. 8 election will decide races that have only two candidates and were not included in the Aug. 16 primary. It also will decide runoff races for the top two vote getters based on the Aug. 16 primary results.

Those results are scheduled to be certified Wednesday, also at the courthouse in Prosser.