Recent ballots show no big changes

A count of recently received ballots from last week's primary increased some candidates' leads and narrowed a few others but brought no changes in the lineup for the Nov. 8 general election.

Steve Young, Kennewick's Ward 3 councilman, still holds an easy two-to-one margin over the closest challenger, Loren Nichols, with 940 votes, for 62 percent.

Nichols, whose controversial stand against illegal immigration and call for Kennewick to be an English language-only city gave him media attention, earned nearly 26 percent, or 393 of the 1,523 ballots cast.

Candidate William Miller had 180 votes for nearly 12 percent. In Ward 2, Kennewick City Council incumbent Paul Parish gathered almost 57 percent with 1,222 votes, easily leading Diane Crawford, who had 569 votes, or nearly 27 percent.

Candidate Joe Kadinger had 366 votes for nearly 17 percent.And R.E. "Bob" Olson had 1,124 votes for 40 percent in the Ward 1 race, while his challenger, Gloria Tyler Baker, collected 32 percent with 897 votes.

Candidate Betty Klundt had 756 votes for 27 percent.

In the Richland City Council Position 6 race, Terry Christensen had 3,014 votes for 49 percent for the position 6 seat, with Patrick McBurney in second at 1,452 votes for nearly 24 percent.

Trailing were Creighton Knight with 1,317 votes for nearly 22 percent and Eldon E. Eskel with 333 votes for 5 percent.

In the West Richland City Council Position 7 race, incumbent Tony Benegas held 37 percent with 610 votes followed by Johan Curtiss with 30 percent and 491 votes.

Larry E. Sandberg had 343 votes for almost 21 percent, and Jeff Ballard had 191 votes for nearly 12 percent.

The Kennewick School District Director 5 seat had Uby Creek leading with 42 percent and 3,178 votes, while Brian Brooks was second at 39 percent and 2,937 votes. Candidate Brian Bradford had 1,393 votes for nearly 19 percent.

The District 1 race in the Kiona-Benton City School District had Tim Cook leading with 56 percent and 629 votes, and Jill M. Renz-Whitman with 23 percent and 258 votes. Candidate Gary Howell had 229 votes had nearly 21 percent.

Wayne J. Elston was ahead for District 4 with almost 46 percent and 514 votes.

Charlotte Burruss was second with 29 percent and 319 votes, which was 24 votes ahead of Joe Schroeder, who had 295 votes for 26 percent.

The Prosser School District's District 1 race had Gayle Wheeler leading with nearly 59 percent and 1,123 votes.

Robert Blahut was a distant second at nearly 30 percent and 570 votes.

Candidate Anita Rodriguez Dennis had 222 votes for nearly 12 percent.

Prosser's District 2 race showed Timothy D. Rankin still ahead with 43 percent and 842 votes, but the second place was still too close to call William "Bill" Jenkin's 555 votes, 10 votes ahead of Larry Loges, each with 28 percent in the tally.

In the Richland School District races for three positions, Rick Donahoe's almost 40 percent and 3,220 votes led Gordon Comfort's 28 percent and 2,295 votes for the Position 3 spot. Dave Serell had 1,354 votes for nearly 17 percent and Elizabeth Nagel had 1,253 votes for nearly 16 percent.

Brian Barth tallied 46 percent and 3,602 votes for Position 4, while incumbent Mary Guay was second at nearly 43 percent and 3,313 votes.

Jhoanna Jones had 840 votes for nearly 11 percent.Incumbent Phyllis Strickler's 3,386 votes was nearly 43 percent, and Brett Amidan had 2,368 votes for 30 percent in the Position 5 race. Candidate Jeffrey Dennison had 2,124 for nearly 30 percent.

Stuart Holmes, Benton County elections supervisor, reported there was a 22 percent voter turnout with 19,756 ballots returned out of about 88,000 potential voters countywide.

Results will be certified Aug. 31.