Stressed-out Pasco mom wins makeovers

PASCO -- Sheyna Milleret of Pasco is a stressed-out, overworked mom who "desperately needs some help with organization."

That's what she said in the two-minute video she made and entered in the U.S. Cellular's Multi-Tasking Mom Makeover contest.

Her desperation convinced contest judges -- she is one of the contest's five nationwide winners.

Milleret defines "multi-tasking mom." She's a full-time student at Columbia Basin College, studying medical billing and coding, and is on track to graduate in March.

She and her husband, Raphael, have two daughters -- Sophia, who is 20 months old, and Janessa, 6, who is starting first grade this year.

In her video, Milleret shows off her self-described cluttered living room, dysfunctional kitchen-dining room, which her family never uses because it is piled with an assortment of stuff, and her cluttered kitchen cabinets.

Contest prizes include pampering, which begins today when Peter Walsh, an organization and clutter expert from the Oprah Winfrey Network's Enough Already! show, visits the Millerets to assess the piles of papers, books and general chaos they call home.

"I can't wait," she said. "He's coming back early Saturday morning along with a small team. I'm not quite sure what exactly they'll do. I have piles of homework and items that I have no room for."

Milleret also hopes to get some help keeping her daughter's schoolwork in order too.

"She'll be bringing school work home, so I hope (Walsh) can create a space for her stuff too," she said. "But if he could just create an organization center for me. If he can bring order to my life, I'd be eternally thankful."

Milleret discovered the contest through a friend who is affiliated with U.S. Cellular. Her friend sent out an email to all the multi-tasking moms she knew.

To enter, all Milleret had to do was shoot a short video, fill out an application form and send them to U.S. Cellular.

"I thought, 'What the hey!' Somebody has to win. I have nothing to lose by entering," she said. "I was floored when they called in early July and said I was one of the five."

In addition to the home decluttering coaching, each woman receives a one-on-one consultation with a U.S. Cellular mobile technology expert, a new wireless device customized to fit her needs and a year of free service.

"I can't wait to learn what they have to fit me and our family needs, which apps and tools they have to help moms like me," she said.

The day ends at a salon for a new hairdo and a makeover.

Milleret is hoping Walsh's organizational skills and the new electronics make some lasting changes in her family's life style.

"To have a place to put things, to be able to eat at the dining table again, it would make things less stressful and smooth out our day to day living," she said.

To see Milleret's winning video, go to http://bit.ly/milleret.