Fire at Sacajawea State Park guts shower facility

A fire at Sacajawea State Park early Sunday morning destroyed the only shower facility for overnight boaters and for the events held at the park.

People spending the night on a boat reported the fire about 3:30 a.m. They said it was in the building housing the showers, restrooms and storage nearest the boat lagoon, said Christian Ford, a park ranger and assistant manager of the park.

Firefighters found the building completely on fire, said Cpt. Pat Henrickson, Pasco Fire Department.

The fire gutted the building, Ford said.

Replacing it will cost about $150,000, Ford said. The overnight boat launch will be without showers for some time, he said.

No accidental cause for the fire could be found, Henrickson said. The investigation was turned over to Pasco police.

Gang graffiti that wasn't there when rangers closed up the park 9 p.m. Saturday was visible on the burned building the next morning, Ford said.