Richland couple learns of grandchild via collage

RICHLAND -- Some women, discovering they're expecting a baby, pick up the phone, others turn to email and Facebook.com.

Not Anne Young, a former Richland resident now living with her husband, Nathan, in Kirkland. She created a collage.

In a picture frame, Young placed pictures of baby booties, a rattle and other baby related items and a note announcing the arrival in January of Baby Young. She wrapped it up, gave it to her father, Ron Severtsen of Richland, who was visiting that week and asked him to present it to her mother, Bonnie, on Mother's Day.

"He had no idea what it was. He just knew it was a surprise and that Anne wanted him to video me opening it," Bonnie Severtsen said.

"All I told him was that her reaction would be funny," Young said.

Ron and, Anne's younger brother, Carl, picked up their video recorders as Bonnie Severtsen began ripping away the gift wrapping.

The cardboard box protecting the frame was a bit harder for her to manage.

"A box cutter would have helped," Severtsen said.

All the shaking and ripping caused the note to slip out of place.

"I could read 'Baby Young' but not the due date," Severtsen. "So I took the frame apart."

You can watch her reaction to the Youngs' news -- including her 'I'm going to be a grandmom' happy dance on YouTube. Just go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM3Y85c2TmA.

Baby Young will be the Severtsens first grandchild, one they have been anticipating since the Youngs married in August 2004.

"It was a long seven-year wait," Severtsen said.

In the meantime, Young said, her mother practiced sewing baby clothes by making outfits for a tiny scarecrow in her backyard.

"She dresses it for all the seasons, in both boys and girls clothes. Now she has a real reason to make baby clothes," Young said.

Severtsen admitted she has begun to collect baby items. She also is planning her first baby quilt, one pieced from fabrics she has saved from Anne's dresses.

To break the news to her husband, Young handed him a 40-week bucket list.

"We'd planned to get pregnant. We just didn't think it would happen so quickly. Nathan said he had a whole list of things he wanted to do before he became a parent," she said.

So she listed them all, with the last one being, "become a parent."