Airport work will close part of Argent Road

The Tri-Cities Airport will begin a construction project Monday that will close Argent Road between North 20th Avenue to North Stearman Avenue.

The closure will continue through Aug. 29 and will allow the airport to widen Argent Road and add curbs, gutters, sidewalks and bike lanes.

Drivers will be redirected around the closure by using North 20th Avenue, Interstate 182 and North Fourth Avenue.

Public access to FedEx will be near the Car Rental Return Lot, which is part of the way around the Airport's Terminal Loop road at the north end of North 20th Avenue.

In addition, part of the airport's long-term parking lot will undergo maintenance and repaving at the same time, and parts of the lot will not be accessible for up to two weeks at a time.

For exact information on the parking lot closure, visit the terminal or the parking lot gates.

Construction signs will be posted in the parking lot to help drivers and pedestrians navigate around the construction.