Veterinary hopsital admits horses again

The Washington State University veterinary teaching hospital is again admitting horses, llamas and alpacas. It had stopped doing so after the recent outbreak of equine herpes virus, or EHV-1.

The reopening is ahead of schedule because there have been no new cases of EHV-1 in Washington for more than two weeks.

The hospital's stalls and treatment areas were washed down with disinfectants from floors to ceilings, said Charlie Powell, a hospital spokesman. Any surfaces that could not be cleaned were replaced.

WSU's horse facility is now under an "enhanced infection control protocol," Powell said.

Horses will be examined before they are admitted. Clients bringing in animals will have to fill out a survey.

Veterinarians will screen incoming horses and rank their risk of developing active disease from an EHV-1 infection. Horses deemed at high risk will go to an isolation facility before entering the teaching hospital.

Anyone bringing horses to the hospital should call 509-335-7073.