Budget delivers stable funding for PNNL

The Obama administration's proposed fiscal 2012 budget appears to provide stable funding for research projects at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

However, the proposed budget is just the start of budget negotiations among the president, the House and Senate.

The budget proposal appears to provide stable funding for the lab's research to increase U.S. energy independence, create clean energy technologies and for national and homeland security programs, said Greg Koller, spokesman for the Department of Energy national lab in Richland.

National and homeland security programs include those that advance the science of threat detection and prevent the production, movement and trafficking of weapons of mass destruction.

Money for lab work comes from DOE, the Department of Homeland Security, National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense and private industry. Also, some work is done in partnership with other labs and universities, making annual funding based on the administration's budget plan difficult to gauge.

PNNL's budget for the current fiscal year is expected to be about $1.1 billion.

-- Herald staff