Columbia Park Golf Course needs $60,000 in repairs

KENNEWICK — Kennewick's Columbia Park Golf Course needs an immediate $60,000 in repairs and temporary fixes before it can be put back into play this spring.

A trailer must be brought in to replace the aging clubhouse, which is starting to fall apart. That will cost $7,000.

And the fuel storage area won't pass fire code, so it must be replaced at a cost of $15,000, said Peter Beaudry, director of municipal services.

The city council received the news at its workshop Tuesday, where staff gave short reports on issues that will be considered at Saturday's annual council retreat at the Three Rivers Convention Center.

The golf course can be playable within a month, but only after the trailer is moved in, Beaudry said.

The tall poles that hold the netting for the driving range also are a problem. Some of them are leaning and floating in place because the river is so close. It will cost about $22,500 to have the poles properly reset, Beaudry said.

The council also learned that it will cost about $351,000 to upgrade the city's equipment and change to more effective practices for snow and ice removal from city streets.

Beaudry said the upgrades will help Kennewick achieve the same level of service on snow and ice removal that Richland has.

Tuesday's workshop had reports from each of the council's three committees -- the economic development, budget and infrastructure committees -- as a prelude to what the council will discuss at Saturday's retreat. The retreat, which is open to the public, is from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The morning sessions will include discussions of five budget priority areas, urban growth area issues, capital improvement program projects and five council-established priorities.

Those include the Steptoe Street extension, Southridge area development, the Three Rivers Entertainment Center, council reserves and the biennial budget.

A council roundtable discussion after lunch will consider 10 topics.

They are E-verify, Tri-City Housing Programs, Americans with Disabilities Act improvements at the Toyota Center, a new fire station, a public pool on the city's west side, having a metropolitan park district and if there should be a public vote on a community center.

The afternoon will close with reports from the council committees and a discussion of city manager performance goals.

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