Pasco Catholics seeking return of tabernacle

A Pasco priest is hoping the public will help to recover a tabernacle stolen from a chapel inside a convent near Lourdes Medical Center.

Some of the nuns' personal items recently have been recovered from the robbery, which occurred sometime over Christmas break, said the Rev. Daniel Barnett of St. Patrick Parish in Pasco.

The ornate-looking tabernacle is the size of 10-inch cube with a door used to store the hosts consecrated during the Mass, Barnett said.

"They took the whole box, just ripped it off the wall. That's really the thing that's distressing because the monetary value -- it might be $1,000 or $1,500 -- but really the monetary value compared to what's inside. We believe it's Jesus," Barnett said.

St. Patrick recently decided to seek public help in the theft at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet's convent in hopes of getting the tabernacle back, Barnett said.

He asked that if someone sees it to bring it to Lourdes Medical Center and drop it off at ER desk, bring it by parish or call the parish at 547-8841 ext. 117.