Pasco police dog helps catch suspected car thief

PASCO -- A police dog was used Sunday to catch a suspected car thief in Pasco.

A car was stolen about 2 a.m. Sunday and the owner spotted it at 9 a.m. in the area of Hopkins Street and 28th Avenue in Pasco, said Pasco Sgt. Ben Majetich.

The owner of the car confronted a person there and the two were fighting when a police officer drove by, Majetich said.

The suspect ran from the officer, jumping the fence, police said.

Police surrounded the area and used a police dog to find the suspect hiding behind an air conditioning unit in a fenced area of the Shopping Spot.

Anthony Neil, 21, of Pasco, was taken to Lourdes Medical Center for treatment of a dog bite and then to the Franklin County jail on suspicion of vehicle theft, Majetich said.