Connell officials seek prison impact money

Connell still is trying to get state funding to help pay for impacts of expanding Coyote Ridge Corrections Center.

Connell requested about $530,000 from the state Department of Corrections to hire two full-time police officers and to fund the positions for three years, said City Administrator Steve Taylor.

But the request didn't make it into Gov. Chris Gregoire's slashed budget, Taylor said. The city is working with local legislators to try to get that amount included by the House and Senate.

That's what happened in 2009, when the city received $1.1 million that paid for an expanded fire hall and a new fire engine and ambulance. The money wasn't in the governor's budget but made it into the Senate's budget, Taylor said.

Expansion of the prison added a 2,048-bed medium security section to the 600-bed minimum security facility.