Strip club could still happen in Yakima

YAKIMA -- A businessman who was denied a license to run a Yakima strip club now is looking at three other locations for the business.

Attorney J.J. Sandlin, who is representing the businessman, said if the city rejects the new sites, it would confirm there is a conspiracy to keep a strip club from opening.

"We're giving the city an opportunity to be reasonable," he said.

City officials said rejected the strip club proposed last summer by Jamie Muffett on South First Street because it wasn't compatible with neighboring businesses.

Although plans aren't final, Sandlin said several investors are interested in Muffett's club and he expects a business commitment from them soon. Sandlin wouldn't identify the exact locations of the alternative sites.

Sandlin said Muffett plans to run a classy operation and "not some skanky hole-in-the-wall outfit."

A lawsuit Muffett filed in federal court challenging the city's rejection of the location is pending.