Blue bridge flag to take hiatus for two weeks

The American flag will not fly over the blue bridge between Kennewick and Pasco for about two weeks.

The flagpole pulley system needs to be repaired before the flag can be replaced.

Twice a year Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance crews put on their safety harnesses and climb the 90-foot-tall ladder to the top of the bridge.

Then they carefully step across the 34-foot-long walkway to the center of the top of the bridge to pull down the tattered 15-by-25-foot flag from its 60-foot-tall flagpole and replace it with a new one.

When crews reached the top of the bridge last week, they were unable to replace the flag because the pulley system was broken. Once repairs are made, workers will make the climb again to install a new flag.

The flags are provided by donations through the American Legion.