Department of Health suspends EMT's license

The state Department of Health reported Wednesday that it had suspended the license of a Benton County emergency medical technician after she performed a procedure that was outside the scope of her license while off duty.

Sarah C. Tomlinson is alleged to have started an IV on a fellow attendee at a funeral in November 2007 after the person suffered an allergic reaction to eating nuts.

Tomlinson then allegedly tried to administer epinephrine to the person from a vial in her possession.

Health department documents said Tomlinson didn't call for assistance, but instead tried to treat the person on her own.

"When that event occurred, it was not in the course of her job," said Irene Oplinger, a health department investigator.

Oplinger said that EMTs don't typically start IVs on patients, and that isn't part of what they're licensed to do.

She added that epinephrine is a controlled substance and that it was improper for Tomlinson to try to administer it.

Tomlinson was charged with unprofessional conduct by the state, and her license was suspended for at least a year when she failed to respond to the charges.

Also Wednesday, the state announced the 10-year suspension of Grant County pharmacy assistant Nickolas A. Aaltonen after he failed to respond to charges of unprofessional conduct.

Aaltonen's charges were based on his September 2009 conviction for drug charges, including conspiracy to sell Vicodin, conspiracy to sell non-narcotic drugs and two counts of conspiracy to sell prescription drugs.