Man charged with enlistening Tyler Stock in robbery

A 20-year-old Kennewick man was charged Friday with enlisting Tyler Stock to help him rob an alleged drug dealer.

Stock was shot and killed early Tuesday after Armando Martin Rodriguez-Willis drove him to 206 N. Buntin St., according to Benton County Prosecutor Andy Miller.

Miller charged Rodriguez-Willis with first-degree burglary, claiming the two wanted to steal $70,000 in cash from Ramon Madrigal.

The charge alleges that Rodriguez-Willis entered the home with Stock, knowing that Stock had a gun.

One witness told Kennewick Detective Dan Long that early Tuesday, Rodriguez-Willis -- who uses the nickname "Dopey" -- had stopped by his apartment asking "if he would be interested in collecting money," Miller wrote in court documents. The man told Rodriguez-Willis he wasn't interested and walked him out to his car.

The witness then called Stock to relay the offer, documents said. "During that call, (the man) tried to discourage Stock from going with (Rodriguez-Willis)."

Shortly before the shooting, Stock was seen getting out of a blue four-door vehicle with tinted windows and going into his Bruneau Avenue home.

One person said Stock got mittens from the house, before returning to the back seat of the car and leaving.

Gunshots in the neighborhood were heard about five minutes later. Stock's home is just 275 feet from Madrigal's house, according to measurements taken by the Kennewick City Engineer's Office.

After Rodriguez-Willis was arrested early Wednesday, he was interviewed by detectives Isaac Merkl and Chris Slocombe.

Rodriguez-Willis said he had last seen Stock about 10 p.m. Monday when they were in a car together, court documents said.

Slocombe asked him about his car, a Chevy Malibu. Rodriguez-Willis said it was at his cousin's house in Pasco but refused to give the address, documents said.

Rodriguez-Willis was booked into the Benton County jail at 4:21 a.m. Wednesday. While behind bars, he called his grandmother and told her "to get someone to get the car and clean it up," Miller said in the charging documents. Their conversation was recorded by the jail, as are all calls made by inmates.

Later Wednesday, police found a blue Malibu in a backyard of a North Cedar Avenue home, said court documents.

The car, which couldn't be seen from the street, is registered to Rodriguez-Willis.

He is being held on $100,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court Thursday to enter a plea.

Madrigal, 28, is charged with possessing marijuana and possessing marijuana with intent to deliver. He is out of jail after posting bail. He is scheduled to enter a plea Wednesday.