Half-off library fine sale going on in January

HERMISTON -- The Hermiston Public Library is announcing a one-time, unique opportunity for patrons to clear their records of old library fines.

In the interests of starting fresh with the new Evergreen Integrated Library System, the Hermiston Public Library is offering patron a 50/50 incentive during the month of January.

Patrons can completely clear their old fines by paying half of the owed amount.

For example, someone owing $3 in old fines need only pay $1.50 to eliminate all of their fines and start the new year with a clean library record.

This offer is available only for debts owed for overdue Hermiston materials and cannot be applied to fees for lost or damaged books or fines from other libraries.

Debts that have been sent to an outside agency for action are also ineligible for the reduction.

Any comments or questions should be addressed to the library staff at 541-567-2882.