Mail-in ballots put Jerry Sleater back in Columbia irrigation seat

Final results from last week's elections in the Columbia and Kennewick irrigation districts show incumbent Jerry Sleater will return to the division 2 seat for the CID, and Kirk Rathbun was selected for position 1 on the KID board.

Sleater was trailing 2-27 in the CID voting before the mail-in ballots were counted, but mail-in ballots added 116 votes to his count, putting him far ahead of challenger Vernon Vogtman, who finished with 30 votes.

Monday's tally of mail-in ballots for the CID didn't change results for the division 3 seat, with James Berger finishing with 65 votes versus Bruce Sullivan's 9 votes.

KID election results remained unchanged by the mail-in ballots, as Rathbun finished with 1,734 votes, Dean Dennis with 136 votes and James Wade with 42 votes.

Rathbun will take the board seat of John Pringle, who decided not to seek another three-year term after having served 27 years as a KID director.

John Jaksch, board president, was unopposed for position 4.

KID's final count showed two write-in votes for Dale Walter for position 1, and 10 write-in votes for Walter in position 4.

Walter served as a KID director for one year until being defeated for re-election in 2008. A frequent critic of the board, he filed to run against Jaksch but did not qualify with enough signatures on his nomination petition.