Jailed teen accused of raping Kennewick boy

KENNEWICK — A Tri-City teen already doing prison time for a sexual assault was back in court Thursday on new allegations he raped a boy five years ago.

Kristofer Alan Putnam, 17, pleaded innocent in Benton County Superior Court to first-degree child rape. His trial is set Dec. 27.

The victim recently told authorities that during the summer of 2005, he was playing with some boys near a Kennewick apartment complex when Putnam called him over behind some Dumpsters, according to court documents.

The boy was in elementary school at the time.

Putnam, who then was 12, forcibly grabbed the boy by the collar, pulled him back and covered him by the mouth so he couldn't speak, documents said.

Prosecutors allege Putnam sexually assaulted and raped the boy, who was reportedly able to describe it in detail for investigators.

Court records show Putnam pleaded guilty to an unrelated charge of first-degree child rape in May and was sentenced three months later to prison.

Putnam was ordered held on $300,000 bail in the county jail while this new case is pending.

Bookkeeper accused of taking at least $27,000 from locksmith

KENNEWICK — A bookkeeper for a Kennewick locksmith business is accused of taking at least $27,000 in cash to help her while going through a divorce.

Sandra L. Shipman, 36, pleaded innocent to first-degree theft. The Richland woman is set for trial Jan. 10.

Shipman reportedly worked for Mount's Lock & Key for about five years. She was fired after the embezzlement came to light in August. That's when the owner discovered $2,590 in cash was missing from money Shipman was supposed to have deposited into the business's bank account, court documents said.

Shipman initially denied involvement in the theft. The business asked its former bookkeeper to audit the books, which revealed that money was frequently missing from deposits, documents said.

"(Shipman) then admitted to the owner that she was taking cash from the deposits because she was going through a divorce," court documents said.

The audit is ongoing, but a partial audit of 2009 and 2010 shows $27,000 is missing, documents said.

Shipman, in her interview with Kennewick police, allegedly told investigators that she estimates she took $10,000 to $12,000, but she didn't track of the exact amounts.

Man ordered held on bail on charges of attempted rape

PROSSER — A man was ordered held on $250,000 bail on charges he forced his way into the home of an 85-year-old woman and tried to rape her.

Gilbert Safwan Madrigal, 18, pleaded innocent to second-degree attempted rape and residential burglary with sexual motivation. The rape charge includes an aggravating allegation that the victim was vulnerable and "incapable of resistance due to advanced age."

Court documents state that the woman was in her home near Prosser on Oct. 22 when she heard a knock at the front door. She got out of her chair and used a walker to reach the door, but stopped to look out a window to see who was visiting in the late afternoon. She didn't recognize the young man and told him to go away, but he refused.

The man, later identified as Madrigal, somehow got into the house. The victim tried to protect herself with the walker, but her attacker grabbed it and proceeded to rummage through the items in the storage pack on the walker, documents said.

Prosecutors allege Madrigal then turned his attention to the woman and "began talking to her about raping her."

Madrigal tried to remove her nightgown by ripping it, Deputy Prosecutor Megan Whitmire said in court documents.

The attacker reportedly got sidetracked, asking the victim about money and ultimately taking $10 in cash and several containers filled with pennies, before returning to the living room to further talk about sex.

Madrigal tried to force himself upon the woman and begged her to "let him have his way with her," but she fought back as much as she could and he was unsuccessful, documents said.

He then reportedly left the house, taking her cell phone and money. She had to wait for her daughter to stop by until she could call police since she had no phone.

Madrigal was identified as the alleged attacker from a photo lineup. His family lived in the area but reportedly moved to California since his arrest.

Whitmire said in court documents that Madrigal was a suspect in two rape investigations in California, but neither case resulted in a conviction.

Madrigal is set for trial in Benton County on Dec. 20.

Man pleads innocent to charge he sexually assaulted woman

KENNEWICK — A 45-year-old Kennewick man has pleaded innocent to allegations he sexually assaulted a woman. John Warren Wolfe faces trial Dec. 20.

According to court documents, a Benton County sheriff's deputy found a car parked on a rural dirt road Saturday. The deputy thought the car was unoccupied, but once closer saw movement inside and a naked woman.

Wolfe was allegedly involved in an unlawful sex act with the woman. They were interrupted when the deputy knocked on a car window, documents said.

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