Harvest Ball donates $102,000 to hospital

A donation of $102,000 is heading to Seattle Children's Hospital after the 25th annual Harvest Ball.

The Oct. 16 ball raised money for a fund that helps children from low-income families, said Trish Thompson, co-chairwoman for the Harvest Ball.

Co-chairwoman Joyce Goldsmith described it as the most successful Harvest Ball, which is sponsored by 13 guilds in Benton and Franklin counties that support the children's hospital.

Last year, Seattle Children's Hospital treated 850 area children at the Tri-Cities clinic, where specialty care is provided by the same doctors and nurses who treat children at the Seattle campus, Thompson said.

About 1,700 children were treated at the Seattle campus last year.

Seattle Children's Hospital also provided children from Benton and Franklin counties more than $2.9 million in uncompensated care, she said.