Court roundup: Man denies attack on exotic dancer

A 48-year-old man is accused of trying to rape an exotic dancer after claiming her $150 hourly fee should include sex.

Alex Manfredinni of Kennewick pleaded innocent last week in Benton County Superior Court to second-degree assault with the aggravated circumstance of sexual motivation.

The charge says he inten-ded to commit an attempted rape. Trial is set Dec. 13.

According to court documents, Manfredinni called the exotic dancer on Oct. 10 and set up an appointment for the woman to dance for him at his apartment for an hour at $150. Manfredinni reportedly handed over the money immediately after she arrived.

There was no furniture in the apartment except for a bed in the bedroom, so the woman "sat down on the bed and began to get ready to dance," documents said.

That's when Manfredinni allegedly said the fee was for "sex too," Deputy Prosecutor Anita Petra wrote in the documents. When the woman said it was only for dancing, Manfredinni "became extremely aggressive and grabbed her on the arms, shoved her back on the bed and got on top of her."

The dancer allegedly feared Manfredinni was going to rape her, so she fought him off and kicked him in the chest. Manfredinni backed off, but when the victim said she was going to call the police, he grabbed her cell phone and "used his body to block her from getting out the door," court documents said.

The woman reportedly was able to get free and called police. Officers who responded to the apartment found the woman with bruising and scratches on her arm, documents said.

Manfredinni later was found with the victim's cell phone and a condom in his shirt pocket, court documents said. In an interview with police, he denied attacking the dancer and "said the victim must have injured herself," documents said.

3 people jailed, accused of assault, theft of car

Three people are behind bars on allegations they tied up a man, broke his nose and eye socket and stole his car over an outstanding drug debt.

Jay Frederic Fischer, 55, Dorothy Lorraine Jones, 49, and Fernando A. Pulido, 24, face trials Dec. 6 on one count each of first-degree robbery. They have all pleaded innocent.

Court documents state that on Oct. 5, Ronald Koehler had planned to meet "Jay" at a vacant home in Kennewick to borrow some tools and buy a "40 bag" of methamphetamine. When Koehler got to the house, two people punched, kicked and used a cattle prod on him while Fischer held a flashlight to illuminate the attack in the dark house, documents said.

The attackers then allegedly asked Fischer for rope, which Fischer used to tie up Koehler. That's when a woman called "Dorothy" approached Koehler and claimed he owed her $1,000 in a drug debt, according to court documents.

Koehler's car keys were taken while Jones made him sign a blank piece of paper, which she planned to use to transfer the title, documents said.

Koehler reportedly was able to free himself and run away. Police were called after he walked into a nearby convenience store and said he had been beaten up and his car stolen.

Officers found Koehler "bleeding profusely" from the head and face.

When Jones was arrested, she allegedly had two blank pieces of paper with signatures and apparent blood stains on them. Fischer, who was picked up with Jones, denied knowing anything about the robbery.

A Kennewick code enforcement officer told police she has dealt with the Everett Street home for a long time and neighbors have reported Fischer living in a truck at the residence.

Pasco man denies sexual abuse of child

A Pasco man has pleaded innocent to allegations he sexually assaulted a grade-school girl over four years.

Jeffrey Duane Brown is scheduled for trial Jan. 5 for first-degree child molestation.

The girl told authorities that Brown inappropriately touched her, court documents said. "He told her in a firm voice not to tell anyone what happened," documents said.

The alleged incidents eventually stopped but the victim "came to appreciate the significance of what occurred as a result of school lessons concerning puberty," prosecutors said in court documents.

The girl first told her school counselor.

In an interview with Franklin County sheriff's Detective Lee Barrow, Brown claimed that one time the girl initiated the contacted, documents said.

Yakima woman sent to jail for spitting at officer

A Yakima woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail for spitting at an officer after police tried to help the intoxicated woman get to a safe location.

Regina Gail Rogers, 37, pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in the Sept. 27 incident in Kennewick.

Officers had been called to the Columbia Center mall Sept. 27 for reports of a man and a woman fighting in the parking lot. The woman, later identified as Rogers, also was kicking cars in the lot.

Police arrived to find her "walking in traffic and attempting to hit passing cars," court documents said. Officers talked to Rogers and "smelled a strong odor of alcohol" coming from her and "observed physical indicators of intoxication," documents said.

Rogers reportedly refused the officers' offer to transport her somewhere safe, so she was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

She spit toward the face of a female officer, but the officer was able to turn her head away so the spit just grazed her hair.

Deputy Prosecutor Kristin McRoberts said what Rogers did was "completely disgusting" for the officer, who obviously didn't want someone else's "bodily fluids anywhere near her face."

Rogers had no criminal history. She apologized for her actions.

"I'm sorry it happened, and I'm going to alcohol treatment," she told the court.

Judge Craig Matheson responded by telling Rogers, "It's certainly very unattractive behavior, so I hope you get alcohol treatment and take care of that."

Trial set Dec. 13 for man accused of driving drunk

A Kennewick man faces trial Dec. 13 for allegedly driving his truck into oncoming traffic after drinking what he claimed was four beers.

Felix Maldonado Lopez, 37, pleaded innocent to hit-and-run with injury and driving under the influence.

Prosecutors allege that on Oct. 9, Maldonado Lopez was behind the wheel of his 1999 Ford pickup in Kennewick when he swerved into the oncoming lane. Naim Mesan, who was driving in the opposite lane, was hit and injured.

A witness reported seeing Maldonado Lopez get out of the truck and run away. Police found a suspect who matched the description given by a witness, court documents said.

In an interview with officers, Maldonado Lopez said his truck drifted into the other lane and he ran "because he is not in the country legally," documents said.

Maldonado Lopez allegedly failed sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.129 and 0.127. The legal limit to drive in Washington is 0.08 percent.

Kennewick man's trial in injury crash set Dec. 6

A 27-year-old man has pleaded innocent to charges he pulled in front of a motorcycle, causing the rider to break his upper left shoulder.

Theodore Lamar Turner of Kennewick is scheduled for trial Dec. 6 for hit-and-run with injury and first-degree driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Turner was allegedly driving his girlfriend's 2008 Honda Civic west on First Avenue in Kennewick when he turned left in front of a motorcycle. The Honda struck the motorcycle, driven by Steven Watson, but Turner failed to stop and continued southbound on Garfield Street, court documents said.

Watson suffered severe cuts, bruises and the broken shoulder in the June 6 collision.

Prosecutors told a judge that if convicted, Turner faces more than a year in prison. A judge ordered Turner not to drive a vehicle while the case is pending.