Neighbors rally to free trapped Kahlotus horse

KAHLOTUS -- Residents in Kahlotus pulled together Thursday to rescue a horse trapped in an old cistern.

When Susan McGuin went out to feed her horse, Angel, on Thursday morning, the mare had disappeared.

McGuin's dog soon found the horse -- at the bottom of an old cistern, about a quarter-mile from McGuin's home on Courtright Street.

McGuin panicked, she said, and ran to the nearby high school.

Principal Ron Hopkins asked his secretary to put out the call around town, and the community promptly responded.

"In about 10 minutes we had 13 people there," Hopkins said. "That's what happens in Kahlotus -- people rally."

One wall of the old water cistern was exposed to a steep hillside, and the quickly assembled work force was able to break down the old concrete and use it to build up a ramp inside, Hopkins said.

Less than two hours later, Angel climbed out of the hole.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone helping," McGuin said.