Walla Walla man, 72, accused of assaulting Richland protester at Rossi rally

A 72-year-old Walla Walla man was arrested after scuffling with a Richland woman who was protesting against Republican senatorial candidate Dino Rossi.

Christie Stordeur, 23, was one of five protesters standing about 40 feet from the entrance of a Republican Party office on South Second Avenue at 10:25 a.m. Friday, reported the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin.

Also standing in the area was Victor R. Phillips, 72, of Walla Walla, who had a camera.

According to a sheriff's report, Phillips said he wanted to get a picture of the protesters, who were wearing bags over their heads and holding a sign that looked like a check.

The deputy said he saw Phillips walk over to Stordeur and lift the bag off her head. Stordeur lifted her arm in defense, and that is when Phillips hit her arm with "force," said the newspaper.

The deputy immediately stepped between the two and arrested Phillips on investigation of assault.