Signing off on 'Bucket List'

The screenwriter of the movie The Bucket List plans to send Liz Evett, the West Richland girl with a list of things to do before she dies, a signed movie poster.

"Her story's just amazing," Justin Zackham told the Herald on Tuesday. "By doing what she's doing, she's inspiring people like me."

Liz, a 17-year-old incoming Hanford High senior, was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago and relapsed in April. Doctors gave her weeks to months to live after she stopped responding to chemotherapy in June.

She's spent the last six weeks checking items off her "bucket list," which was inspired by Zackham's story about two men who create a list of things to do before they kick the bucket.

Since the movie, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, was released last winter "we've had about a half-dozen stories of people like that," Zackham said.

"For the writer, it's about the most gratifying thing," he added.

Zackham isn't the only celebrity that has taken notice since the Herald reported last week about Liz's list.

Mary Alice Yeskey, who works at Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes -- which is featured on the Food Network show Ace of Cakes -- visited Liz on Monday. Liz's page-long list includes meeting an employee from the popular bakery.

Yeskey was in Washington for the first time in 27 years when she happened to read Friday's Herald story about Liz's list.

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