W. Richland teen checking off her 'bucket list'

Feed the giraffes at San Diego Zoo's Wild Kingdom.

Have one more family Thanksgiving.

Visit Spokane's crime lab.

These are some of the things Liz Evett has done this summer and has crossed off her "bucket list" -- things to do before she dies.

The family Thanksgiving was just last week, however, because the 17-year-old West Richland girl may not have much time left.

"We don't really know how long I'm going to be here," said Liz, who was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago and relapsed this April. "There's always a possibility that I'll be cured. But we don't know."

The incoming Hanford High senior learned in June that her illness was no longer responding to chemotherapy. Doctors gave her weeks to months to live.

"So far, it's been six weeks," said Angie Ivey, Liz's mother.

And those six weeks have been packed with crossing off activities on Liz's list. She and her family were inspired by last winter's movie The Bucket List, about two men who create a list of things to do before they kick the bucket.

"Some of the things are, like, sit back, relax and stuff," Liz said about her list -- such as watching her favorite movies again or seeing the sunrise.

"You see pictures of the sunrise, but I've never gotten up early to watch it," she said. "(Some items are) things that I think people would take for granted."

Today, Liz is crossing three more activities off her list: Get Seattle Mariners player Ichiro Suzuki's autograph, go to the top of the Space Needle and dine at Costas Restaurant.

"I'm really excited to meet Ichiro and do the Space Needle," she said.

But a meal at Costas -- a Greek restaurant in Seattle -- is something the teen foodie has been waiting nearly three years for.

She and her mother dined there when she was first being treated at Seattle's Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center (most of her treatment since has been at Spokane's Sacred Heart Medical Center). She liked Costas so much she planned on bringing more of her family back later to eat there.

But Liz was too sick to eat when the family meal was planned, and she hasn't been back since.

"We get to choose what kind of time we spend now," Angie said. "We just don't have forever."

There are some things on Liz's list -- like meeting a Food Network TV personality and visiting Eatonville's wildlife park Northwest Trek -- that haven't been crossed off yet.

"We didn't go to (Spo-kane's) Riverfront Park and get snow cones," Angie said Thursday while looking at Liz's one-page list.

"We need to do that," Liz replied.

But going to Disneyland and trying Jones Soda candies, along with many others, have been checked off.

"I told her since she's almost done with the list she's going to have to make a new one," Angie said. "I don't think graduating is on there, but I know it's something she wants to do."

Liz was scheming Thursday to tackle another item on her list for her 18th birthday on Aug. 17.

She wants a birthday cake from Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes. But the bakery, which often is featured on television's Food Network, is booked through this year and even into some weeks in 2010.

Meeting the bakery's owner, Duff Goldman, and some of the workers would check off another wish on her list.

Maybe she'll swing it, she said, not giving up.

After all, she said, "It's things that you might never be able to see again or do again."