On this day: April 24, 1924

"Powder River" will be shown at the Empire Theatre. This is the official U.S. Government film of the Yanks in France. Comprising 1500 feet of confiscated German submarine films showing the actual destruction by torpedo of 6 allied vessels, and 7500 feet depicting American operations in four of the War's biggest offensives.


Benton County Advocate

May 1 is the closing date for cotton mattress and cotton comforter applications. There are still many homes in Benton County that need better mattresses. Those whose net income for 1940 was $500 or less, and who are interested in applying for a mattress or comforter should do so at once.


The Tri-City Herald

Jackie DeSoto, 12, of West Richland won the 1959 annual VFW marble tournament. The six contestants were boys who had won the preliminary events at Richland elementary schools. Second place went to Jack Bonewell, 12, and third to Kenney Valdez, also 12.

4/27 Sunday


Some thieves broke into Ed Dean's car house and, taking a pick and crow bar, went to his cellar, broke in the door and stole one case of fruit, a lot of eggs, one large ham, one box of smoked herring, three dozen lemons and a sack of potatoes. Mr Dean suspects a number of hoboes.


Columbia Courier

- Wilkie & Dickinson received their ice, stored it in their ice house and will be ready to deliver ice to the consumers of congealed aqua during the heated months.

- The next term of jury court will open on May 3. The greater part of the docket is occupied by the various criminal syndication cases.


The Tri-City Herald

No more nails in the feet for Kennewick firemen. An order has been sent out for "footlets" for the men to wear on fire calls. These are cross-woven leather strips that fit over the bottom of shoes and prevent such things as nail punctures.


The Pasco Herald

After weeks of deliberation, the directors of the Cantaloupe Growers Association meeting in Kennewick, adopted a trade name and a slogan. The trade name, chosen for its euphonious sound is "U-like-mor," and the slogan is "Ripened on the vine."