On this day: Apr. 10, 1930

Mrs. W.C. Thompson received word recently from Miss Sylvia Miller who is attending the State University at Seattle, that she is just finishing her course in law and in about three months will be a full-fledged lawyerette.


Benton County Advocate

Minimum wage rates to be paid laborers in the production, cultivation or harvesting of the 1941 sugar beet crop who apply for payments under the Sugar act of 1937 have been announced. Blocking and thinning: 40 cents per hour; hoeing: 35 cents per hour; topping: 45 cents per hour.


The Pasco Express

Dr. O'Brien is in receipt of a very lengthy and interesting letter from Guy Egbers, who left here last year with the Stevens party for railway work in Russia, but has spent the winter in Japan awaiting the action of the Russian government.

4/13 Sunday


The News-Recorder

C.T. Giezentanner has been appointed Volunteer Observer for Pasco by the U.S. Weather Bureau. This is the first weather instrument ever sent to this place and as soon as convenient a weather table will be published in the News-Recorder for the benefit of our readers.


Columbia Courier

Four members of the First Baptist church of Walla Walla, acting as private citizens, visited 40 saloons, cigar stores and confectionery shops in Walla Walla with notifications not to open Sundays after the 10th.


The Pasco Herald

Thieves jacked up Rev. L.E. Obert's car sometime Sunday night and removed the tires and wheels. He did not discover it until the following afternoon. No trace has been found of the thieves. The car was in the garage when it was robbed.


The Tri-City Herald

PROSSER- Prosser Packers, Inc. may be faced with a shortage of women workers during the processing season. The opening run of processing asparagus started this week with 100 women reporting for work. Applications are still being accepted for women workers for day or night shifts.


Benton County Advocate

The Richland city council, after listening to many complaints by the townspeople, decided to enforce the ordinance which says that chickens shall not be allowed to run loose within the city limits. Owners of gardens will be particularly pleased with the enforcement of this law.


The Pasco Express

So urgent is he government's need for bookkeepers that civil service examinations to fill positions of this character will be held throughout the United States each Tuesday until further notice. Women as well as men are eligible.

4/20 Sunday


The News-Recorder

Nick Cullen and Miss Campbell were down from Prosser this week visiting Mr. And Mrs. McNabb. Mr. Cullen has purchased a house and lot in Prosser and rumor has it that the young couple will soon commence housekeeping under the firm name of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.