Did you see strange lights in the Tri-Cities sky?

UFO spotted over Eastern Washington.

Video captured of mysterious white lights flying over Eastern Washington.
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Video captured of mysterious white lights flying over Eastern Washington.

Donna Havens was watching a movie when she saw two red orbs moving across the night sky.

She and her son rushed outside of her central Kennewick home with a mobile phone and started shooting video.

The two lights almost merged together and then disappeared, she said.

As they watched, more spots appeared. They saw 14 lights over 20 to 25 minutes last Saturday night, Havens said.

The lights looked white on the mobile phone screen, said her son, Russell Gibson Jr. However, as he videoed them, he said, "It's orange with a red haze around it."

"Folks, if you could see this in real life, it's very bizarre," he said, narrating the video. "These just keep on coming."

This capture from a video taken by Russell Gibson Jr. of Kennewick shows lights above his mother's house in Kennewick. Russell Gibson

The lights were moving erratically and appeared to be traveling from the northeast to the southwest.

The lights don't look like stars or satellites, said Roy Gephart of Richland, who writes an occasional astronomy column for the Herald.

No anomalous sightings were reported by astronomers May 12, when Havens and Gibson saw the lights about 10 p.m., he said.

Gibson said in a message to the Herald that they looked a little like a floating candle, which might be possible.

Sometimes candles or other lights are floated into the sky with balloons, particularly on holidays. Strange lights are sometimes reported on New Year's Eve.

People might also be able to train a laser light on a shiny balloon, producing an erratically moving light, Gephart said.

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