Mom says daycare waxed her toddler's eyebrows. State wraps up investigation

Glenda Maria Cruz made a similar complaint to another mother about about her son's eyebrows being waxed at a daycare. She posted these photos on Facebook.
Glenda Maria Cruz made a similar complaint to another mother about about her son's eyebrows being waxed at a daycare. She posted these photos on Facebook. Facebook

State officials have cleared a Pasco daycare of any wrongdoing in the alleged waxing of one child's eyebrows.

And a similar complaint by a second parent was never formally filed with the state.

Pasco mother Alyssa Salgado was surprised to learn from the Herald on Tuesday that the state Department of Early Learning was not investigating her claims that her 2-year-old daughter's unibrow was waxed.

She was the first parent to make the allegation and post photos on Facebook in early February that drew thousands of comments from outraged readers.

Her daughter and a friend's son attend the daycare operated by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties for students at New Horizons High School. The daycare is in a building on the Columbia Basin College campus in Pasco.

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A Tri-Cities mom posted this photo of what her daughter looked like before and after she got her daughter back from daycare. She is accusing the daycare of waxing her daughter’s eyebrows. Facebook

Salgado, 19, said she talked with someone from the state, but state officials say they didn't talk to her. Pasco police talked with both mothers and earlier concluded no crime was committed.

The Herald obtained the recently completed state report through a public records request. It focused on the claims by Salgado's friend, Glenda M. Cruz, and her young son. In addition to claims about his eyebrows, she said he was bruised at the center.

"Based on the facts and evidence available at the time of the licensing inspection, the DEL determined the complaints were unfounded," according to a Department of Early Learning statement. "Investigators found no evidence that the child's eyebrows were waxed while at the center."

The daycare is housed in two buildings and the infants are separated from the toddlers and preschoolers. About 10 part-time employees and two full-time directors work there.

One instructor told investigators there wasn't a time when someone could wax a child's eyebrows without a staff member hearing the child cry.

Also, the instructor was "never alone with the child that day and that she doesn't remember ever being alone with a child."

Two months earlier when another staff member complimented the boy's eyebrows, the mother reportedly said she used a cream to remove the hair, according to the investigation.

Frank Ordway, the agency's assistant director of government and community relations, told the Herald the evidence was pretty clear that nothing happened.

"There was never a time or a place where this could have happened," he said.

Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Brian Ace said, "We've been providing quality care and we will continue to provide quality care. We are focused on providing positive interaction in a safe and quality environment."

Cruz could not be reached about the state's conclusions. Salgado said she plans to contact state officials again.

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