UPDATED: This Connell girl made a ‘death list’ of classmates.

A student at Connell High School has been suspended after allegedly compiling a disturbing list.

The list had the names of peers that the girl “hated or did not like,” a North Franklin School District statement said.

It also had the words “Death List” at the top, Superintendent Gregg Taylor said.

Connell Police Chief Chris Turner said the freshman girl who compiled the list did not have any access to weapons and didn’t appear to pose a credible threat to the people she listed.

Without a credible threat, he is leaving the investigation in the hands of the school district, he said.

“She had a list of first names of people she disliked,” Turner said. “That’s as far as it went.”

The list was discovered Nov. 28 and the freshman girl immediately was suspended, Taylor said.

He confirmed that the district didn’t notify parents until several days later.

Connell police also reportedly didn’t learn about the list until a parent contacted the department that weekend.

Taylor said he’s looking into how the situation was handled.

In a statement Tuesday, the district said, “We are in communication with the police department in regards to this incident.”

The district “is looking further in to the situation and taking necessary steps to make sure the problem is resolved. Parents of the students who were mentioned in the incident have been contacted. So far in the investigation we do not feel that there is any threat to the safety of our students,” the statement said.

Taylor said the girl is indefinitely suspended while the matter is being dealt with.