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Rest stop near Boardman offering free H1N1 shots

BOARDMAN -- Sure, Washington gives away coffee and cookies at its rest stops. But an Oregon county is one-upping its northern neighbors by offering free H1N1 swine flu shots at a rest stop -- for a limited time.

Morrow County health workers will be jabbing truckers and other willing travelers at a rest stop near Boardman today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Shots will be available at both eastbound and westbound stops near milepost 161 on Interstate 84.

Boardman's fire department will set up tents and chairs for the clinic's nurses and for people who come to get shots.

The highway clinic is an effort to get more people vaccinated against swine flu, which some doctors think may reappear in spring.

By holding the clinic at a rest stop, nurses hope to make it easy for truckers and others who spend long hours on the road to get a shot.

"The clinic is specifically targeted to truckers and other travelers," Morrow County Public Health Director Sheree Smith said. "But anyone is welcome to attend."