WSU's Cougar Cheese a catchy gift during the holidays

PULLMAN -- More than 50,000 boxes of Cougar Cheese will roll out of a warehouse on the outskirts of Washington State University's campus during the holiday season.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas keeps WSU Creamery employees busy as they prepare the prized Cougar Gold and seven other flavors.

"This is like the North Pole this time of year," said creamery manager Russ Salvadalena. "We've got a ton of people who are doing their best to make sure that everybody receives their cheese in a timely fashion."

While most of the internet and phone orders are destined for the Northwest, Salvadalena said the creamery ships across the country and to Army post office addresses.

The popularity of Cougar Cheese means more than 250,000 cans are produced each year. In September, more than 400,000 cans sat in the climate-controlled space in the creamery warehouse.

The novelty of "cheese in a can" might explain some of the popularity, Salvadalena said.

But mostly, it's the flavor.

"A lot of times, people will send it as gifts," Salvadalena said.