National beer magazine honors Ice Harbor Brewery

KENNEWICK -- One of the favorite brews at Kennewick's Ice Harbor Brewery & Pub received "exceptional" marks from Draft magazine, a national beer publication.

The brewery was asked to submit its Columbia Kolsch ale, which was judged along with several other renowned Kolsch-style beers gathered from around the world.

Ice Harbor's microbrew fared extremely well, receiving a 90 out of 100 points which put it in the exceptional recommendation category.

According to the March/April issue of Draft, Ice Harbor's Klsch is a "well constructed, delicate beer that finishes clean and dry in the mouth, with just faintest touch of earthy hops."

Klsch is a German appellation restricted to about 20 breweries in and around Cologne, Germany. The style is defined as a light hop-accentuated ale that is clean, crisp and delicately balanced, according to a press release from Ice Harbor.

In the last couple of years, Ice Harbor's Klsch has also received recognition at the North American Beer Awards in the Klsch-style ale category, winning a gold medal in 2007 and a bronze medal in 2009.

Ice Harbor's Klsch has been a local favorite microbrew for more than ten years. It's available on tap, by the bottle or keg, at both Ice Harbor Brewing's Pub, 206 N. Benton St., and at the Marina on Clover Island, both in Kennewick.

The beer also will be featured at Ice Harbor's booth during the Untapped Blues and Brews Festival on Saturday.