Building permits

Columbia Colstor, 224905 E. Bowles Road, Benton County, $96,447, commercial.

Wyckoff Farms, 165802 W. Lemley Road N.W., Benton County, $810,359, commercial.

Jeffrey Fitzjarral, 27601 N. Crosby Road, Benton County, $26,093, kennel.

100 Circles Farm LLC, Highway 14, Benton County, $60,000, tank/foundation.

Kirk Rathburn, 82480 E. Reata Road, Benton County, $398,082, ag building.

Tri-City Grain, 600 Tank Farm Road, Franklin County, $275,663, conveyor.

David Dunn, 170 Mulberry Road, Franklin County, $41,760, ag building.

Columbia Industries, 741 S. Dayton St., Kennewick, $10,000, tenant improvements.

Kania Clinic, 3000 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, $34,000, commercial remodel.

City of Kennewick, 210 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick, $20,400, brick wall.

Orchid Spa and Floral, 1407 N. Young St., Kennewick, $10,000, tenant improvements.

Gold's Gym, 151 N. Ely St., Kennewick, $14,000, plumbing.

Ranch and Home, 845 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, $50,000, sign.

Crossroads Bible Church, 300 S. Quincy St., Kennewick, commercial remodel, $14,942.

A1 Shoes, 201 N. Edison St., Kennewick, $7,000, tenant improvements.

YMCA, 741 S. Dayton St., Kennewick, $5,000, tenant improvements.

Debit Medical Office, 320 W. 10th Ave., Kennewick, $9,997, commercial remodel.

Taco Time, 8524 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick, $5,500, commercial remodel.

Lamb-Weston Inc., 3330 Travel Plaza Way, Pasco, $119,541, commercial addition.

King City Industrial, 1430 E. Hillsboro Road., Pasco, commercial, $1,147,832.

Hanlim Corporation, 1232 S. 10th Ave., Pasco, $19,000, commercial remodel.

Four Brothers LLC, 9221 Sandifur Parkway, Pasco, $15,805, tenant improvements.

MCS LLC Yogurt Shop, 4803 Clemente Lane, Pasco, $13,592, tenant improvements.

Richland Baptist Church, 1632 George Washington Way, Richland, commercial addition, $500,000.

Fluor Hanford Inc., 1979 Snyder St., Richland, $150,000, tenant improvements.

Corrado Medical Building, 800 Swift Blvd., Richland, $130,000, tenant improvements.

Cocoro Properties, 245 Torbett St., Richland, $9,750, commercial reroof.

Columbia Center North, 2610 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Richland, $162,000, tenant improvements.