Envy Furniture store opens in Kennewick

KENNEWICK -- Whether you need a 6-foot giraffe for your entry, a white leather sofa for the living room or a dramatic lamp for the bedroom, the Tri-Cities' newest furniture store offers a slightly different flare.

Envy Home Furnishings opened Saturday in a warehouse by Vista Field on West Deschutes Avenue in Kennewick.

"We don't have one type of style, rather we have things you don't see everywhere," said Stephanie Yrungaray. "Our furniture is casual, not too modern, comfortable for everyday use."

The showroom is bright, the walls a muted sage green and the furniture well placed in related groupings. But there isn't a lot of it.

Instead of a large showroom overflowing with furniture and decor items, they've carefully chosen a few signature pieces.

"It's a sampling of what we can offer," she said. "We're all about finding that one unique piece, that singular chair, lamp or basket that just makes the room complete and gives it some character."

"We invite people to come in, look through the showroom and if they find something, great," said Yrungaray. "If not they'll likely find it in one of our catalogs."

That's their strategy. Rather than putting a lot of money into inventory, they have catalogs from a carefully selected handful of manufacturers, all on the West Coast.

"This way we can offer furniture and accessories that are a little different. We all want something unique for our space," she said.

In February she and her husband, John, attended the Las Vegas Market with three buildings full of furniture and accessories from manufacturers nationwide.

Choosing to work with West Coast manufacturers ensures that special orders arrive more quickly.

And while their selection is limited, the Yrungarays emphasize quality.

"We hope we've designed a store where people will be able to find the perfect piece to complete their home and at a price that will make them happy, their friends envious," she said.

The Yrungarays have hired Heidi Leliefeld, formerly with Model Home Furnishings in Kennewick which closed last year, to run the store.

Stephanie Yrungaray, a former newspaper reporter, will do the store's marketing and public relations allowing her to stay at home with their two young children. John Yrungaray has a master's degree in business and is an operations manager for a Kennewick firm.

She said when they moved to the Tri-Cities last June from Utah they were like many people who are redecorating or moving into a new home.

"We simply couldn't find exactly what we wanted, at a price we could afford," she said. "One day we were tossing around ideas of what the ideal furniture store would be and thought, why not?"

Their store is at 6223 W. Deschutes, Suite 201, in the G2 Complex across from Lumber Liquidators.

Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

The phone number is 509-736-3689, and their website is

Their grand opening is Saturday.

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