Blueberry packing plant being built in Grandview

GRANDVIEW -- Construction is under way on a $2.4 million blueberry packing plant and cold storage building that could provide up to 35 jobs in this community.

Yakima County commissioners on Tuesday agreed to provide $125,000 to the Port of Grandview through a loan and grant for street and sewer improvements for the facility being built for Olsen Brothers Ranches.

Olsen Brothers bought 3.9 acres of port land, for nearly $160,000, for the plant, said Colleen Byam, port president.

A 20,000-square foot main building for packing is under construction, as well as a 14,000-square foot building for cold storage of blueberries, she said.

More importantly, the plant will provide sorely needed jobs, she said. It is expected to be open by June 1.

"It makes everyone in town more hopeful that we are closer to moving on" from the recession, Byam said.