Washington Closure sets record for no lost time

The employees and subcontractors of Washington Closure Hanford have worked more than 3 million hours without an accident that caused a lost work day.

It's a new record for the Department of Energy contractor, said Washington Closure President Neil Brosee. An employee has not lost a day of work on the project because of a workplace injury since July 2009.

Washington Closure has done challenging work over the last year that includes removing hot cells from the 327 buildings, explosive demolition of several 300 Area buildings, initiative of cleanup of the 118-K-1 Burial Grounds and demolition of support structures by nuclear reactors.

Washington Closure is more than halfway through its 10-year project to clean up the Hanford nuclear reservation along the Columbia River.

However, some challenging work is ahead, including cleanup of the 618-10 Burial Ground, Brosee said.