Building permits

Week ending Dec. 31

T-Mobile USA, 144385 N. Franks PR NW, Building 2, Benton County, locate antenna, $30,000.

Planned Parenthood, 3901 W. Court St., Pasco, signs, $5,000.

James Lyon, 3305 King Ave,. Pasco, office warehouse, $154,538.

Port of Benton, 257 Wamba Road, Prosser, commercial remodel, $22,500.

Prosser Gardens, 900 Alexander Ct., Prosser, commercial remodel, $25,453.

Tri-Cities Chaplaincy, 1480 Fowler St., Richland, office building, $1,950,000.

Port of Benton, 2345 Stevens Drive, Richland, tenant improvements, $150,000.

Laborers International Union, 2505 Duportail St., Richland, tenant improvements, $100,000.

West Side United Protestant Church, 615 Wright Ave., Richland, tenant improvements, $60,000.

Week ending Jan. 29

Kent Parker, 1009 Dale Ave., Benton City, commercial, $388,250.

John Hoffman, 1104 Ida Ave., Benton City, pole building, $21,583.

Judkins Family Farm, 32508 W. Kelly Road, Benton County, ag building, $156,000.

William Blue, 33606 E. Red Mountain Road, Benton County, shop/garage, $43,200.

Conagra Foods, 230514 S. 100 Circles PR SW, Benton County, heat pump, $16,094.

Keith Whatley, 43104 N. Whan Road, Benton County, accessory building, $6,000.

Lawrence Spanglin, 3371 Selph Landing, Franklin County, steel potato shed, $1,998,759.

Zirkle Fruit Co., 1424 Martindale Road, Franklin County, Avery Addition, $28,800.

KRC Land Investment, 250 Chardonnay Ave., Prosser, dental office, $436,130.

Port of Benton, 255 Wamba Road, Prosser, pump house, $18,000.

WSU Tri-Cities, 2710 Crimson Way, Richland, tenant improvements, $15,000.

Real Property Holdings, 131 Gage Blvd., Richland, tenant improvements, $25,000.

Extended Legacy LLC, 2435 Stevens Center Place, Richland, tenant improvements, $5,000.

Tri-City Enterprises, 2000 Logston Blvd. Suite C-4, Richland, mechanical, $7,900.

Etter Construction Inc., 6598 Opal, West Richland, shop, $15,000.

7HA Family LLC, 1467 Onyx, West Richland, sign, $5,000.