Building permits

Week ending Jan. 15

Agreserves Inc., 187405 Plymouth Industrial Road, Benton City, storage tanks and container, $1.4 million.

Port of Pasco, 1830 E. Crane Ave., Pasco, tank pads, $20,000.

Big Sky Real Property, 2828 W. Irving St., Pasco, fire wall, $10,000.

Week ending Jan. 22

Ver Mulm Investments, 22202 N. Hinzerling Road, Benton County, barn, $68,160.

U.S. DOE, 0 Area 200 Hanford, Benton County, CL locate, $5,000.

Conagra Foods, 230514 S. 100 Circles PR SW, Benton County, heat pump/heater, $16,094.

Joyco LLC, 4212 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, commercial remodel, $30,000.

Columbia LLC, 731 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, commercial remodel, $16,000.

Columbia Industries, 900 S. Dayton St., Kennewick, commercial remodel, $28,000.

City of Kennewick, 304 W. Sixth Ave., Kennewick, commercial fence, $61,190.

Bethlehem Lutheran, 2505 W. 27th Ave., Kennewick, plumbing, $20,900.

Thompson-Retter, 329 N. Kellogg St., Kennewick, mechanical, $16,942.

Grace United Reform Church, 2500 W. Fourth Ave., Kennewick, commercial reroof, $7,220.

Pasco School District, 1108 N. 10th Ave., Pasco, commercial reroof, $6,950.

Kadlec Medical Center, 888 Swift Blvd, Richland, tenant improvements, $30,000.

Energy Northwest, 3000 George Washington Way, Richland, tenant improvements, $25,000.