More canceled flights as storm rolls northward

Widespread flight cancelations moved from the Deep South into the Northeast and Great Lakes on Tuesday, as a major storm threatened to dump a foot of snow or more on New York and Boston.

Travelers checked airport departure boards Tuesday to learn the fate of their business trips and family visits. Airlines eased ticket-change policies to encourage fliers to delay trips until later in the week.

By mid-afternoon, Delta Air Lines had canceled 1,700 flights after scrubbing about 2,000 flights the previous two days. Most were in Atlanta but included evening flights between Washington and New York, said spokesman Anthony Black. The airline said it has gone ahead and canceled about 800 Delta and Delta Connection flights today.

Some flights to Pasco have been canceled or could be delayed this morning because of the storm expected to hit the region later today.

Just Horizon's last flight of the night Tuesday arriving at at 11:15 p.m. was pre-canceled.

But travelers have been told that some early morning flights from Portland and Seattle may also be canceled or delayed because of the bad weather.

US Airways canceled nearly 1,000 flights Tuesday and 340 today.

American canceled 500 flights, including more than 100 in Chicago, on the western edge of the snowy weather front. The airline also canceled many flights that would end Tuesday night between Washington and Boston so that the planes wouldn't be snowed in today, said spokesman Ed Martelle.

American expected at least 350 cancelations today, but one type of flight was sacrosanct -- international ones leaving out of New York's Kennedy Airport. "We're going to get those out," Martelle said.

United Airlines said it canceled 250 flights Tuesday, mostly at its Chicago O'Hare hub, and another 142 for today.