Tidewater Terminal Co. to expand Umatilla facility

A $1.3 million grant from Connect Oregon will help Tidewater Terminal Co. expand its facility in Umatilla, company officials said Monday.

The company will install a new 1.26 million-gallon tank at Umatilla. This will allow Tidewater to store a larger variety of fuels, including biofuel blends, at the site.

"With that tank, it will allow us to dedicate a tank to storing more biofuel," said Greg Zanavich, Tidewater's manager of business development.

Connect Oregon grants target non-highway transportation projects around the state. The grant required a $330,000 match from the company.

The project also includes a two-bay fertilizer loading area to speed up operations during peak season.

"When farmers want to spray fertilizer on their fields -- guess what? They all want to spray at the same time," Zanavich said.

The addition should cut in half the time trucks wait to be loaded, he said. Some safety improvements also will be made using grant dollars.

Tidewater hopes to get going on the project by mid-November and have it completed by the end of April.

More than 50 million gallons of fuel and fertilizer pass through the Umatilla facility each year, according to Tidewater.