Online scrapbooks preserve memories

RICHLAND -- Liz Millward wanted to create a book to share her parents' story with her grandchildren.

"I have dabbled in scrapbooking, but I didn't like the mess," said the longtime Richland resident.

And then she found Heritage Makers, a web-based company that trains hobbyists to preserve their family's photographs and stories.

Millward found out about the company through a chance meeting with Alicia Burgett, a Spokane-based Heritage Makers consultant.

Millward was excited by what she saw and wanted to share the information with Tri-Citians.

That's why Millward, who is now a Tri-Cities consultant, is having a free workshop from 10 a.m. to noon today to spread the word about digital scrapbooking at her home at 616 Meadows Drive S., Richland. For more information, call 460-9112 or e-mail

Heritage Makers doesn't sell software to hobbyists. The books are designed online, Burgett said. Consultants help clients complete their projects, and earn a commission when clients publish a book.

The consultants train people to ask questions when they interview relatives and give them suggestions about how to put together photographs for an effective presentation.

The Heritage Makers website allows people to upload their photos and use customizable templates to make a book free of cost. You pay for a book when you get it published and costs range from $20 to $100, depending on size.

The books are made with archival-quality paper and ink and professionally bound, Burgett said.

Paula Conn, who grew up in Pasco but now lives in Liberty Lake, is another Heritage Makers fan. She said the website provides the much-needed "creative spark" for her.

She likes the step-by-step approach to story making, said Conn, who recently put together a storybook "The 10 Reasons We Love Daddy" so that her young daughters could have a gift to their dad on Father's Day. It took her about an hour spread over two weeks to do the project, she said.

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