Drivers log 15 million miles to Hanford landfill

Truck drivers hauling waste from Hanford river corridor cleanup have logged 15 million miles back and forth to a central Hanford landfill, Washington Closure Hanford announced Wednesday. That is the equivalent of more than 600 trips around the Earth.

The waste, which has low-level radioactive or chemical contamination, was disposed of at the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility in central Hanford.

With federal economic stimulus money being spent at the Hanford nuclear reservation, much greater volumes of waste are going into the landfill.

On Monday, a new record was set when 601 containers of waste were added to the landfill. Containers typically have a 25-ton capacity. Disposal volume is expected to peak at up to 650 containers a day.

The landfill is being expanded by 50 percent to increase its capacity to 16.4 million tons of waste.