Areva gets $135,000 for hydrogen generation

The city of Richland and Bonneville Power Administration have awarded Areva a one-time incentive payment of nearly $135,000 for a new hydrogen generation system.

The award follows the successful installation and startup of Areva's new Hydrogen Supply System.

This new safe and eco-friendly system efficiently produces gaseous hydrogen for use in Areva's manufacturing processes. The system also provides for on-site generated backup hydrogen and gas-mixing equipment for improved process efficiency.

They system is expected to save just over 1.1 million kilowatt-hours per year, said company officials.

The new process provides the equipment to blend hydrogen and nitrogen gas in any proportion for process flexibility and significant cost savings through reduction in hydrogen consumption in the conversion process and in six sintering furnaces.

The new hydrogen supply system is fully automated requiring minimal operator support. A significant reduction in greenhouse gases has also been realized as a result of this project.