Light Notes

Delta Airlines flight offers coffee, kindness

It seems there's much ado about random acts of kindness. Volumes have been written about an occasional good deed that has touched another.

But it seems to me there's not much press about the deliberate kindness that is demonstrated in certain industries that deal daily with the public.

That's why I'd like to give Delta Airlines a pat on the back.

Heaven knows, passengers often speak up only when they feel like punching someone.

From what I saw recently, the first one to take a metaphorical jab is the agent at the departure gate.

My plane to Hawaii was unexpectedly delayed three hours... four hours... five. Mechanical problems had the airline scrambling to fix the problem.

"We apologize," the loudspeaker blared above the din, "the Delta flight departure time will now be 10:20 p.m."

I'd just arrived at the SeaTac gate after taking my time to shop, snack and then stroll leisurely. A time change on the reader board had me thinking the delay would only be a couple of hours. But with the final announcement, I was certain my connecting flight from Honolulu to Maui would not have me on it.

As I stood in line, an agitated customer launched her frustration at the agents. Nevertheless, while her young child jetted erratically about on his skateboard, two agents worked in tandem with utmost kindness and calm to make her flight experience smooth.

Worn down from the preceding encounter and probably on overtime, the agent greeted me with a fresh smile patiently explaining food, taxi and hotel vouchers before re-booking my connecting flight.

"I gave you an exit row seat," the female agent told me as I turned to leave. "Maybe you'll be able to rest better on the flight to Honolulu."

It was an unexpected blessing, but I doubt this act of kindness was random. It's the intentional way this airline's employees conduct what appears, in my opinion, to be a thankless job at times.

As an older Delta Airline slogan says, "Airlines are the same; only people make the difference.

Thanks, Kay, for making a difference.